How Far Along Are You?

Considering Abortion?

Our highly trained, experienced medical staff will be glad to provide you with a free and confidential limited ultrasound. In the state of North Carolina, a woman is required to participate in an ultrasound prior to abortion procedures. Knowing the gestational age and viability of your pregnancy is important. The staff at Cabarrus Women’s Center will provide you with accurate information on the options available to you, so you are empowered to make an informed decision.

Why an Ultrasound?

An ultrasound can be used to determine the viability of your pregnancy, since at 6 to 7 weeks a heartbeat can be routinely monitored. Limited ultrasounds can also determine if your pregnancy is located inside the uterus. Sometimes a pregnancy will develop outside of the uterus. This is an ectopic pregnancy, which requires immediate medical attention.

Make an Appointment

If you are sexually active and are concerned that you may be pregnant, make an appointment for a pregnancy test at Cabarrus Women’s Center. Seeking information on RU486 or abortion options? Our staff will provide you with factual information, answer your questions, and let you make an informed decision. All of our services are confidential and offered at no cost to you.
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